A lace top gown with a high neckline and a thin slit that travels down the front of the bust to the satin waistband, sheer until it meets the hidden sweetheart neckline lining under the lace. Complete with a full chiffon skirt and button-up back that forms a keyhole between the buttons and the zipper at the bottom. Pictured in: Ivory/Taupe/Taupe, Coral/Coral/Coral, Slate/Slate/Slate.


Available Colors: (Lace): Aubergine,Black,Blush Pink, Champagne,  Charcoal, Claret, Coral,  Espresso,Ivory,Java,Latte,Lilac,Mahogany,Marine Blue, Mauve, Meadow, Navy, Red, Royal,Slate,Suzi Mint,Taupe,White,Wisteria.

(Skirt):Aqua,Aubergine,Ballet,Black,Blush Pink,Bronze,Capri,Caribbean Green,  Champagne, Charcoal,Claret,Coral,Geranium,Grape,Hunter Green,Ivory,Java,Latte,Lemon Ice, Lilac, Mahogany,Marine Blue,Mauve,Meadow,Mermaid,Mink,Misty Blue,Navy,Persimmon,Petal Pink,Pima Pink,Platinum,Red,Rose,Royal,Royal Purple,Sand,Sangria,Sapphire,Seafoam,Sky Blue,Slate,Suzi Mint,Taupe,Teal,Thistle,Waterdance,White,Wisteria.


Available Sizes: 0-36


Length: Full (Default), Short, Tea.


Season: Spring 2017

Christina Wu| 22763